Tuesday, May 16, 2006

After working for 2 days, then Mothers Day, and my mom was admitted to the hospital on monday I am tired. Mom is having trouble breathing. As of this posting she is doing OK, Drs are running test.

The Boys State Gymnastics Meet was great and I had a blast. Our High School finished 6th out of 8. We had 2 gymnasts go to the finals. 1 finished 8th out of 10 on Horse. Our other gymnast is State Champion on Floor, 3rd on Rings, 12th on P-Bars and 5th on High Bars.

This is my son receiving an award from the American Legion. He is wearing the summer uniform. I am glad he does not have white pants. He could never keep them clean.

This is my son in his dress uniform for the NJROTC Military Ball. The jacket sleeves are a bit long and he needs a new bar for the rest of his ribbons. He is wearing his new award, the one hanging on his pocket. The girls did not have to wear their uniforms, they had on (prom) dresses. Everyone looked outstanding.

He said the food was good and he danced all night. When we picked him up at 10:30pm most of the guys ties were hanging around their necks, shirt tails hanging out and no jackets on.

I am starting a new project for a client. I am going to join 4 block swaps with the online groups I belong to.

I mailed out 8 doggies paper pieced blocks today for the humane society quilt.

Happy Crafting,



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