Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Day for Memories, Old Faces and Old Friends.

Yesterday I got the “phone call” from my sister telling me an very old friend of my moms died and the funeral was today. Gilda was a friend of moms for over 50 years and had lost touch years back. If mom was here she would of gone to pay her respects. My sister and I went not only to represent mom but also pay our respects. There were people who I had not seen in over 35 years. So many faces I recognized but could not remember their names. Some looked at me and said “Debbi” as if they just saw me the day before. Gilda was buried at the same cemetery as mom so now they can reconnect.

My sister and I stopped by moms grave and like all the other times all I could do was look down at her, cry and ask why? A long time ago I accepted the fact that people are born and some day they will die. I have lost other family members and friends and I healed. Mom died only two months ago and I am not sure I will ever accept it or if I want to.

Now that I was a bummer here is some good news. I got my conformation for 3 class I signed up for at the upcoming Great Chicago Quilt Exposition. The Exposition is being held in Schaumburg, Illinois and I only live 3 miles from there.

I have been reading Force Majeure Farm Blog for a few weeks and just kept to my self. The posting for September 14 “Visualizing” got my attention. I was not sure what the picture was. The black and white colors reminded me of a cow and the black and yellow stripes was maybe a fence but not being sure I kept silent and would wait for another hint. The posting for September 15 “Visualizing II” was very clear to me and I just couldn’t keep silent any more. I sent a comment saying it is a cow. Today I got a note from “Sassebach” saying I was right and how relieved she was that someone recognized what was in the photo.

Blogger is slow today so I still can’t down load any photos maybe tomorrow.

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