Thursday, September 21, 2006

What Pin Cushions Do You Use?

Other quilters have posted pictures of pin cushions that they use. This photo shows my extra pins stored in a small plastic drawer and two magnetic pin holders. I keep by my sewing machine and the other on the table where I piece.

When I was younger I played with my moms tomato pin cushion. I never had one of my own. My boys played with my magnetic pin holders. When I was moving moms sewing supplies I did not find her tomato. Also missing is a very old round cookie tin with other supplies. Hum I wonder where they are.

Happy Crafting!

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Nines said...

I have a tomato pin cushion, too. Which works great- unless it falls into a puddle of water- remove the pins immediately or your pins will rust. That was a bummer! I also have a megnetic one and even a magnetic wrist band for when I am using the quilting machine. I have skinny wrists, though, and the silly thing is always upside down. I love your compass block!