Wednesday, September 27, 2006

WIP and Computer Woes

I am working on my 900 member block for Carol Doaks Yahoo Group. I will be making four sets for "moms purple wallhanging" . I hate the color purple and my mom loved it, so I am making the wallhanging in her honor.

When I take a break from sewing I am still trying to work on my computer. I just built this computer in March so I know the parts are top of the line and brand new. I just can't figure what the problem is. I am going to move the hard drivers to another computer and check them. The new hard drive did not solve the problem so it make me think the problem may be the motherboard or the second backup hard drive. If it is the second backup drive I still have a third backup external drive with all my files.

Have A Great Day!


Shelina said...

Hi Debbi,
I followed you here from a comment that you left on another blog. You're welcome to come visit me at any time. Sorry about all your computer problems. Purple is one of my favorite colors.
Your WIP you posted is so nice and intricate

Cynthia said...

hope you sort out the problem with your computer soon.
I haven't used purple in any of my quilts and it's a color i don't think to buy. Please post a photo of your mum's wall hanging when it's finished as i would like to see a purple quilt.