Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back To Sewing

I did not get rid of my headache until 8pm last night. I did sleep most of day.

Today I am off to a very slow start. I just ate lunch and the 2 big dogs are outside playing with the neighbors dog. The 3 of them can play for hours. Summer my little husky can stay outside for hours. Crystal my black lab will bark at the door so she can come in and jump in bed for a nap. My little boy Max is at my feet. Once in awhile he jumps up on my lap when I am at the computer or sewing machine.

This is my laundry room. It is very small. It has 3 doors, 1 to the garage, 1 to the side yard and 1 to the kitchen. We use these doors all the time. The dogs go in and out all day. We enter the house from the garage or side yard. The laundry room has a washtub where I dye fabric all year. Last winter I was dyeing red fabric and I drop the milk gallon and had red all over.

The dryer is a catch-all and needs to be cleaned. We do not have a closet to hang jackets in so the laundry room has a shelf for hats, gloves, dog leashes and hooks for jackets. We also take our shoes off and pile them on the floor. I wish the laundry room was bigger. I do love the laundry room because the house is a ranch and I do not have to do stairs.

Have a Great Day!


meggie said...

I have just discovered your blog.
Very enjoyable reading.
I must try the ideal pet? I hope mine is dogs, or my 2 current dogs might be a bit shocked!
So would I!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Your laundry seems to be about the same size as mine. Mine is a throughway too.

Suze said...

Oh to have the laundry room on the main floor. Mine is in the cellar and it is up and down stair all the time.

You have a great place for in and out and changing shoes so less tracking in the house..........

Shelina said...

It would be nice to have a laundryroom so close to everything. Mine is in the dark basement. Have to go all the way downstairs and in the corner of the basement to do the laundry, and lug the laundry up two flights of stairs to the bedrooms. On the positive side, no one can see how much laundry is done or not done.