Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chicago The Windy City

I am retyping this post because blogger ate my first posting.

It is so windy I could not take pictures outside today. I have completed 5 rows for my Leaf Season Quilt and wanted to take a picture outside because it is so big to take a picture inside my house. I have all "A" blocks completed and only need to finish 8 leaves. My goal was to have the top completed by the end of October. I have not quilted a top that big before so I plan to do it after the holidays. Maybe I will find someone with a longarm to do it.

Blogger Please DO NOT EAT This Post.

Have A Great Weekend,



Angie said...

Wow, Debbi, you've gotten a lot done on your leaf quilt. You also did two wallhangings first, so you've really accomplished a lot! Way to go!

meggie said...

What a good idea, to use the computer desk for the machine!
I have a nice sewing unit/table that GOM bought me, so I am lucky. I have had to take all the items out of the door shelves though, because Leo steals them, & ruined all my cottons! GRRRRR.

Blogger can be a s**t at times!

dot said...

Don't worry, you will get the Leaf Season done. It is a big quilt, but very much worth the time and effort. You have been really busy, so that accounts for much. You completed three table runners and then more. We will look forward to the completed top in the future.

Shelina said...

I've been having problems with eaten posts too! It told me I had problems with the archive, then it told me that it had already been published. I saved as draft to make sure, and had to republish it again. Then the next post, had some other html error, which didn't exist.
Good luck with your wall hanging. Taking it to a quilter sounds like an excellent idea.

Linda_J said...

blogger has been a royal pain in the rump the past few days for me too--just when I swore I was going to be sure to type it up elsewhere. GRRRRRR.

Loved seeing your son piecing in the previous post--good life skills and a lot of men are good quilters!