Sunday, October 22, 2006

It Is Fall But Today Feels Like Winter

The sun is shining now. Early this morning it was dark, grey and raining and not the best weather for the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon. My neighbor John is running in the marathon and I wish him the very best.

Here are a few wall hanging I have done in the past years. These are ones I have saved for myself.

This wall hanging is colored in with crayola crayons.

This a small quilt my son did 2 years ago when he was 13. Both my sons took sewing in JR High and did very well.

Have A Great Day!



Angie said...

Love your wallhangings, Debbi, AND your hanger!! I was just catching a bit of news about the marathon there in Chicago. :D

sue b said...

Debbi these are all terrific!

Dianne said...

Love show and tell, Debbi...thanks for posting your beautiful wall hangings. So neat that your sons did some the little quilt.

dot said...

Very cute. I like the small quilt your son made. What a great thing to have.

Anonymous said...

Cute wall hangings! Love them all!

Hope you're having a great Monday! God bless :)

debraspincic said...

Welcome to the Quilt Studio webring! It looks like you have a very efficient studio too!

I lived in Homewood for many years before coming to Texas. Where are you in IL?

Sue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I can relate as far as the weather, we pretty much get whatever passes through the Chicago area. Love your leaf wall hanging tops!

Linda_J said...

My husband said some poor fellow collapsed at the finish line but still won the race. Popped himself in the head pretty good.

Hey, I think I have a gardeners version of that pumpkin' quilt--did it come in a paperbag pattern by any chance? One of my ancient UFOs