Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ripped and Re-Sewn

I ripped and re-sewed the 5 "A" sidewalk blocks. I have completed 8 leaf and 7 sidewalk blocks.

I will not get much sewing done until maybe later today. We are heading to Bass Pro Shop. For some reason #1 son wants to go there. Of course #2 son and hubby think it is a good idea .

I would love the time to be home sewing but I know their feeling will be hurt if I stay home. I have all week to sew when nobody is home but me and the 3 dogs. # 1 son is off at college and when he comes home he likes to spend time with family. Most weekends he does homework, eats and eats. He is also in a bad mood because his brand new bike was stolen from campus when he was in class. He did not want to take his bike but we could not find a junkie bike. Maybe this weekend we can find a garage sale bike. He has to walk 4 blocks to and from his apartment and campus.

#2 son does not have drill team practice today.

The weather in Chicagoland is cool but the sun is shining. It is a good day to take a ride and see the color changes. A good day for a family outing.

Have a Great Weekend!


Cynthia said...

your blocks look good. It's nice to see the different colors everyone is using for their leaves.

Anonymous said...

Check with your home owners insurance police your son's bike should be covered on that.
Our Daughter went to college this year and we looked into insurance for her laptop, the insurance company told us everything she had at college was covered under our insurance policy....
check it out!
I feel so bad for him.
Kathie in NJ