Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Shopping

I hate shopping on Saturdays because the stores are so busy. The cabinets were bare and before the boys started chasing the dog for their food we had to go shopping. Yesterday BB came home from college and the whole family was home. I just love it when we are all under the same roof. BB has to return to college on Sunday but he will be back home for Thanksgiving.

I am not getting any sewing done today but will makeup the time during the week.

Have A Great Weekend,


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Jane Ann said...

So funny ... I just finished adding this comment to my blog this morning:

"The absolute happiest I ever felt is those few minutes before falling asleep when all my chickens were under my roof. That hasn't happened since the first grandbaby came, but when the girls were single and/or home from college or from cities far afield ... that was always a sweet moment."

I guess it's universal. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Debbi.