Sunday, November 05, 2006


Once again a no sew day. I am getting far behind. Oh well I love sewing/quilting and do not have a boss telling me it has to get done. If I get my Gratitude November Quilt done this month great, if not when it is done it is done.

Today we slept in late. My husband and I moved the rest of my mom's bedroom and dinning room furniture. What we could not fit in our van, it's in mom's garage waiting for another day. The painter is done and the carpeting is being installed on Monday. I think the for sale sign goes up this week. My mom loved her townhouse and now it is empty and lifeless.

We spent the rest of the afternoon raking leaves. This is the tree in the front of my house a few weeks ago with leaves. Today it has no leaves. Before dinner I sat by the firepit watching my dried summer flower burn.

Now I am ready to take a shower, watch TV and go to bed.

Have A Great Evening,


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Kay said...

This can be a sad time of year, can't it?
Especially when you're sad already. I'm sorry about your mom. I know that's hard. I hope your cold goes away soon at least.