Tuesday, December 26, 2006

After The Holidays

The last day to relax this week. Now I have to get back into the sewing, crafting and creative mood. I still can not find my sketch book and have looked in every room of the house. Maybe I should just give up and go to Michaels and get a new one. Then the old one will show up. I really don't need the old sketch book for any reason right now it is just filled with the history of my quilting, sewing and crafting.

Everyone here enjoyed their gifts. How about you?

The dogs were very happy with their chew bones. Max has taken all three bones and hidden them in our bed. Now when we get in bed he give us dirty looks if we touch a bone. I throw them on the floor and try to explain the bones are not all his and he needs to share. His expression says that is not so, he is the top dog and all bones are his.

Have a Great Evening,


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Finn said...

Hi Debbi, so nice to hear your holiday was a good one..*VBS* It's hard as the family gathering diminishes in size. My kids grandparents are gone now, and we've never been very close to aunts and uncles and cousins(distance mostly). And my kids are married with kids, so it takes a toll on "gathering". Gets pretty complicated...LOL

I think many of us have a little sewing slump this time of year. Making that body pillowcase was a great idea. Hope it stirs your juices to create again. Hugs, Finn