Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve at Our House

I changed the dinning room table to Christmas. The bowls are filled with Christmas Candy. Our Christmas Eve dinner table. We are not very formal but I did take out my husbands Grandmother's China and my Moms water and wine crystal glasses.
Our choice of wine with dinner. I have to agree with my Husband this is a very good wine.
My Husband is the cook and his Prime Rib Roast turned out great. What a great smile. I love you! I am very blessed to have a Husband who loves to cook, because I hate it.
My Husband and Sons. I said we are not very formal. I am glad I am not in this photo with the "MEN".
Summer and Max are waiting for something to fall on the floor. They will get a taste of the beef later.
Crystal likes for you to hand feed her people food. She will sleep until you get up from the table and then she hunts for the butter. She will also get a taste of the beef later.

The ice box cookies were made yesterday and tonight it is time for the chocolate chip cookies.
This was the firebox from my Mom's house. She would be very happy to know we are using it at our house. She knew how much I loved it at her house. We have such a big Christmas tree this year so I used all the cut pieces on the mantel with candles, lights, and yule log. I will burn the yule log next summer in the outdoor fire pit.

I wish I could get a better photos of the fire and mantel.

I am going back to my cozy chair by the fire to read. Christmas music is playing and I am sure a dog or two or three with join me for awhile.

I hope this post finds you, your family and friends having a great Christmas Eve.



ForestJane said...

Lovely pictures!

I like the candy-cane candles on your table - I'd be tempted to save them year to year and never burn them!

Merry Christmas!

Simonetta said...

Hi Debbie,have a great Christmas,for you and your family!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Hope you have a nice day today. Love your fireplace - so cozy. The dogs look expectant too. Something will fall to the floor I'm sure!

Fruit Jar Nicky said...
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Fruit Jar Nicky said...

I'm blessed with a husband that likes to cook too. We're so lucky!

Happy Holidays!