Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cleaning the Sewing Dinning Room and Decorating for The Holidays

When we moved I lost my big sewing room and now I sew and craft in the dinning room. I will clean off the dinning table and relocate the tubs to the screen porch. Our screen porch has windows, a storm door so the rain and snow does not get inside, but is not heated. The tubs are filled with fabrics and supplies that can be in the cold Chicago weather. I keep the book shelves, computer and wire basket shelving units in the dinning room. The sewing machine is on a small computer desk with wheels. It can be move if needed.

This year we are not having family to the house for the holidays so I don't have to go all out and put my sewing and crafting supplies in its place, just out of the way.

Once the sewing/dinning room is clean I will decorate it for Hanukkah. Tonight my husband and son will bring in the real Christmas tree and begin decorating it. When they are done I will decorate the living room and the rest of the house.

We have a small artificial tree in the den that goes up after thanksgiving and my son Jacob decorates it. This tree has been with us for years and gets decorations that are not fragile. It was know as "Billy's" tree (before we had Jacob) and was been renamed the "Boy's" tree. I will take photos another day because I left my camera in my husband car.

Once the house is decorate I will take the time to piece and quilt UFOs.

I was raised in a Jewish home and for Hanukkah we had few decorations. But we had many Menorahs, some traditional silver and gorgeous gold ones. When I got married I fell in love with decorating for Christmas and Hanukkah. My husband has ornaments and train over 100 years old. I have made quilts, table runners, place mats, wall quilts, wall hangings and tree skirts. When the boys were newborns and toddlers I made vests and overalls for them. I now have Menorah's in sliver, gold and glass. Lots of Hanukkah decorations to hang and put on the tables, table runners and place mats. My favorite decorations are the Ornaments, ceramic Dickens Village, Quilt shops, Pet shops, and Sea Shore houses from my husband, sons and mom.

My whole family and some friends wear a purple bracelet with my moms name and the words "Joyful" "Loving" "Wise". Mom was all of these and much more. When I am sad, feel sorry for myself, wonder what mom would say to me, I read the words, find the answers and feel better.

So with my crappy mood and the holiday fast approaching I have work to do.

Have A Great Day!



Cynthia said...

would love to see some of the decorations on your blog

Clare said...

I'd love to see some of them too.

jenclair said...

Me, too, on the decorations request. What a wonderful idea about the bracelet! Would you show a picture of that as well? This is a difficult holiday for me because my mother died last December, but the bracelet would be such a joyful way of remembering.