Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dye-na-Flow Dyes and New Wall Quilt

Thank-you to every one who answered my question about yesterdays piece of silk I dyed. I asked what the piece looked like to you. The reason why I asked is because I love hearing what it is you see. I got many different responses.

These are cotton muslin scraps I used to absorb the extra dyes. I have heat set the dye but have not washed the fabric in the machine. I am sure some of the dye will wash out.

Washed and dried Valentine fabrics from my stash that is waiting to be ironed. I will be using this fabric for postcards and small wall quilts.

This will be 16 X 16 when finished. Last week I purchased more floss and beads and I will be using for embellishments on this wall quilt and others.
Have A Great Day!


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joyce said...

You didn't tell us what you and your family were seeing. I can't see what the others see. I keep seening only the guy on snowshoes. One track mind I guess.

Helen said...

Please tell us what your thought you could see. To me it looked like naked bottoms!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yes, do share what your eye saw on the dyed silk! Happy Valentines Day, you've got me in the mood now to go and shop for Valentines.