Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hand Stitching and Gymnastics

Today was busy and it is 11:46 pm and I need to get in bed. I made a promise to myself I would post a message at least 356 days in 2007 and I have 13 minutes left in Saturday.

Today on the while driving downtown I had stitched in the car and before the gymnastics meet started I did some more stitching. The stitching is for my 12 X 12 X 12 January Journal Quilt. My reveal date was today and I am not finished. My goal is Tuesday.

The gymnastics meet was OK, we came in last. My son had knee surgery in February and still is not able to compete. Maybe next month.

Here are a few photos I took when we left the meet about 10pm. They are of the Sears Tower and another building.

Sweet Dreams!



Sweet P said...

Great pictures of the Sears Towers and the other building. Will you be watching the Bears game? We will. I hope they win.

Angie said...

Those night-time pictures are beautiful, Debbi! Let's hope your son takes it easy so it can completely heal, and then he will be able to get back in form. So many of those injuries linger. :(

Norma said...

Wow! 356 posts in 2007 is quite the goal. I am curious about what the 12x12x12 Journal quilt is. I can hardly wait until you reveal your January.