Friday, January 05, 2007

My First Hair Cut

When I was looking at photos from my Mom's house found an envelope. Written on the envelope is Debbi's First Haircut Aug 14, 1962. I was 5 years old. I can not believe my Mom saved this envelop for 45 years and it is in great shape. The color of my Hair back then was a light brown with a touch of reddish blond. Today I am very dark brown (almost black) with lots of grey. I found a bunch of goodies and will share from time to time in my blog. I did not want to make a mess of the hair so I can not tell how long it is, but is must be 6 - 8 inches long.

Have a Great Evening!



Angie said...

Isn't that the most precious thing??? :) My Mom had saved curls from most of us as well, which I found fascinating.

Linda_J said...

Looks so different around your blog with the neat banner and template change. (I often read your notes from the feeds and don't always have to open the blog.) You can tweak the width of the columns a bit if you can figure out where it is set in the template--I did that on mine to have more room for the text. Good thing that you can preview and un-do if it doesnt work out as you hoped.

I used to have my old ponytail saved somewhere--my hair was out to my waist when I was a kid. Not sure what happened to that thing but if were in good enough shape and I could find it today I would send it off to locks of love. Did that earlier in the year. Debating about growing it out again or getting it cut short and be done with it.

Sweet P said...

What a cool find.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I have some from my first haircut (slightly older than yours) plus from my kids as well.

I am viewing your blog in Firefox, and 3 of your webring boxes are showing vertically (on top of other stuff) rather than horizontally. I haven't seen this before.

Granny Fran said...

That's a good sized swatch of hair. Aren't mothers amazing? My mom recently showed me the swatch of my hair that she has kept all these years. Until recently I still had my 4 kids' baby teeth in a jewelry cast. I decided that this was just too much and discarded them with much pain.

Patty said...

your haircut was the day before my 8th wonderful to be able to touch a piece of your childhood like that. I have kept my daughters hair cuts. Someday I suspect they will find it and feel the same way you felt when discovering your hair