Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Blog Template Updates

I have spent way to much time today working on my template. I am having one heck of a time adding webrings. I was able to get two added. I gave up when I kept getting errors with the third one. I do like the new template Choose A New Page Element page.

I did remove word verification when a comment is left. I hated how may times I had to retype the letters when I was leaving comments on other blogs.

I am getting alot of noreply-comment @ blogger . com when a comment is left, so I have been checking the blog and adding the email address (if found) to my yahoo mail address book. This way I can reply to the comments. If I can find and email address I will try to respond in another days posting.

Shirley said three webrings were showing vertical so I reloaded my template and added new HTML code. THANK-YOU!

Thank-you to everyone who has left comments the past few days!

I did not do any sewing or crafty work today. I am at a stand still with my January Journal Quilt. I am sure I will dream something up.

Have A Great Evening!



Shelina said...

I like your new template. I like the new blogger, especially the labels, and the easier archive link. When you set up to the new blogger, you have to set yourself up with your email address again - under the profile section. A lot of people don't remember to do that, so they show up as no reply.

Sue said...

I am very new to this and so addicted. I spend hours looking at other sites and trying to work out what Im doing..still find time for quilting though. lol

Cynthia said...

your new template looks good especially the header. I've been trying to change mine for the past week but still can't get it right. I'll keep working on it.

MargaretR said...

I'm also having to copy everyone's e-mail address into my address book or replying through their own blog's comments. I find it quite awkward.
I like your new template too.

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