Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday - Working in Studio

This is what I have done today. The names list and family name label are just temporary. I am a visual person and need to be able to see what my mind is
saying. I need to verify with my husband the names and spelling for his family. I have to do some research for my grandparent birth dates and date they got married.

This afternoon I am going to do some sewing. I have a tub full of squares and scraps and it is time to do something with them.

Have A Great Day!



meggie said...

Lucky you to have a tub of scraps!
I am the only Tub around here, haha.

I love the idea of your family tree.

Shelina said...

As someone who is interested in both quilting and genealogy, I have to say I really like your family tree. It looks awesome! How are you going to arrange the names?

computerpeach said...

How interesting!! I have been trying to figure out a way to do a "family tree" quilt for my dad for a while. You have inspired me to look into it further and know that it is feasible now and not just a dream!!