Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WIP - Wednesday 02-21-2007

I have not been home much the past 5 days so I have not done any work in my studio.

Thursday I will be able to return to my routine and get back to the studio. First I will have to clean my work table. Over the past week it has been the dumping ground for mail, papers and junk. Next I have to get to the post office and cleaners. After that I hopefully with be in the creative mood.

Have A Great Day,

Debbi (email)


Suzanne Earley said...

I've got some dumping grounds to clean up, too. I get mad at my children for not cleaning up after themselves, why can't I seem to follow my own rules? I hope your back continues to get better. It's hard to do anything when you feel horrible, isn't it?

hardenbrookgirl said...

I'm just now getting caught up in my blog reading. The past week has been very busy - I can't believe our new granddaughter is already a week old!

I'm so sorry to read that you hurt your back and have spent several days in bed - what a bummer! I hope you are well on the road to recovery.

A belated happy birthday to you - the big 50!

Your journal quilt is marvelous so far. Of all the different subjects people are picking to do, I find yours the most meaningful. February's version with all the old pictures is a true treasure.

Dan Simons said...

Hey it's Dan and Matt just dropping by to say HI!

The web site and blog looks great I will check back later.

Feel free to e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

I know how that is...when stuff (not quilt related) gets in my sewing area, I can't seem to get motivated. I hope your back is better. I have trouble with my shoulder after cutting fabric, lifting children, and laundry.
Anyway, take care of yourself.

Simonetta said...

I hope that you are not too much tired!!!