Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's Raining, No It's Snowing, No It's Rain

March is the month of unknown weather here in Chicagoland. Over night it was thundering and lightening, snow pellets and raining. Today sky is grey and it keeps raining. It is a great day to stay inside and sew. The dogs do not want to go out and when they do they are not sure whats going on.

Southeast side of the back yard

Northwest side of the backyard. The fenced part is where the pool goes in the summer. Last winter Summer dug holes in the sand and the river wash the sand away. Not sure the river will not wash the sand away this winter.

View From the front of the house look southeast

I am sewing string blocks today. I am going to start my postcard on Friday and work on it this weekend. I have the pattern copies and I am going to cut the templates tonight when I watch TV. Saturday I will be cutting and fusing the fabric. I am looking forward to see how it turns out.

Have A Great Evening!

Debbi (email)


joyce said...

There's no question here. It's snow snow and more snow. LIke 3 feet of it.

Sweet P said...

We're going to get that storm tonight and tomorrow. Start as snow, end as rain. I wish it would do all one or the other. The mix and sleet are nasty. Have fun with your projects this coming weekend.

meggie said...

It does look rather a bleak outlook for you. I hope the sewing will brighten your days!