Sunday, March 04, 2007

Old Sewing Notions

All of these old sewing notions are from my MIL.
Front covers and pins inside. The price was 98cents.
Front Cover
Inside of Book are pins. Love the saying on the left page.

Small Scissors
Wooden Spools of Thread
Not much happened today. It was a lazy day and I enjoyed the time off.
Have A Great Evening!
Debbi (email)


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a lovely treasure-trove of goodies! Enjoy.

Suze said...

Such delightful finds. Great scissors and Wooden Spools. Quite a find.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Wooden cotton reels! We used to hammer wee nails into the top and use them for French knitting!

Sweet P said...

Great collection of old sewing notions.

I love the Shamrock wall hanging. Simple, yet so adorable.

Rebekah Smith said...

I love the treasures you have collected. I can't show them to Dear Honey or he will start looking for all of them. Got to Love him!

Helen said...

And we used to make little tractors out of wooden cotton reels. We would cut notches into the edge and with a rubber band, a nail and a piece of candle we would wind them up and have races on the dining table! What a great memory boost! (We also did French knitting with them and make great big long snakes which never got made into very much.)

meggie said...

I am with the french knitting & the tractors from the wooden cotton reels! Perhaps is was a New Zealand thing?
I loved seeing your pics, & it reminded me I have my Mum's old Sylko threads, also some an Aunt recently gave me.
Lovely Shamrock.

Clare said...

DH was asking me recently if I had any wooden cotton reels. Get real! He wants to make cotton reel "tanks" for DD. Remember those?