Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More From IQF - Saturday's Goodies

At lunch with Mark and other Pickles Mark signed Quilter's Home for us. For me he signed the premier issue and the first magazine with his name in the title. You need to check out this magazine.
Ann signed both books for me. Ann is also a Pickle and we have talked online so it was great to meet her in person and she lives close enough so we can visit each other. These books are written by Ann and her twin sister Amy. You need to see the quilts in these books. I have flipped through the pages and I can't wait to give the drunkards path a try. Ann and Amy's Easy Applique Curves technique is outstanding. You have to give it a try. I have had the Square in a Square ruler for some time and look forward to trying more options.I was taking photos of the journal quilts next to a stranger and she said to me we should just buy the book, so we did. I can't have enough books.And more booksI can't wait to use this.I have had Shiva Paintsticks and played with them now I can get to work using them after watching the DVD and reading the book. I watched the DVD in Laura Murray's booth about using foil on quilts and I am hooked.
I have wanted to try these inks now I can.
Hum which one to do first?
I have so many new toys, do you want to come over and play?
If you are in Chicagoland please stop by and share with me!
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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I wish I could come to your house and play! Your so kind to share through the photos... great treasures! I love Quilters Home and I'm sure Mark is as funny and genuine in real life as he seems on the printed pages of the magazine. I still have trouble with his tattoo article a few issues back, but that's just me and it hasn't stopped me from buying the magazine!! Ann and Amy's books are great and I agree about the photos within... wow! You had just a wonderful time; didn't you? I am so sure!!

joyce said...

I am green with envy at seeing all your new toys and books. Have fun.

atet said...

I want to come play!!! What fun. I hope you don't mind but I've put a link to your blog from my own so folks can see the great photos of the Quilt Festival. I forgot my camera -- but your pictures are wonderful!

meggie said...

O your new toys are very exciting. You are going to have tons of fun playing with all those.

Helen said...

You had a lot of fun buying, I can see. I have one of theosw quilt punce things too. I bought it in January at our national Symposium, now where did I put it??

What is a Pickle"

Helen said...

Oooohhh such bad typing, should be "...those quilt pounce things..."

Deb H said...

OOdles of fun here. Wish I could come play with you.

Tell you what, I'll meet you 1/2 way! I'm going to Seattle next week! ;~D

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

What a haul! Wish I could come play.

Beth said...

I got the pounce last year at Paducah, and I really enjoy it! I met Laura Waslowski last year there, also. And I like that new mag, Quilter's Home. He's really good!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I've used the Pounce for marking. The trick is to brush it over your stencil. Good Luck!