Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Military Ball

This is my son in his dress uniform for the NJROTC Military Ball. I have to say what a handsome young man he is.My son with a few of his friends and fellow cadets. The girls are able to wear formal dresses in place of their uniforms.
They are a great group of young people.
The young man in the middle of the back row just graduated and will be leaving for Army boot camp in the next few weeks.
Matt you are in my heart, prayers and thoughts everyday!

Today I did make a small dent in cleaning my table. I am hoping to start working on my projects very soon.
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Quilting Journey said...

What a beautiful group of young people. You must all be so proud of them! I wanted to add that I finally figured out how to add a comment to your blog...I have to click on the post title and then I can finally get the comment page to open...other wise it won't open at all for me! Just in case, others have had this problem, I thought I would post this publically ;) I also want to add, that after all you have been through, I sure hope you are feeling better! ((hugs))

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

They are a good looking group alright! Your son is down-right handsome, too! I know how proud you must be. I hope you're feeling better, it's feeling like summer around here these days... warm wishes!

meggie said...

Your son is very handsome!
Lovely photo of them all looking so nice.
Hope you are better.

Sweet P said...

A wonderful group of young people. I'm proud to know they are willing to represent our country.

Beth said...

Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!--Z.Z. Topp

He's a looker, and boy are you in trouble! Great pic!

Rebekah Smith said...

You must be so proud of all of them. Matt will also be in my prayers. You hear so many horrow stories about young people, but kids like this don't make the news enough.