Monday, August 27, 2007

Under Water and No Power

On Thursday we worked for hours keeping the sewers clean so the water would not backup into our houses. At times the water in our street was up to my hips. Our yard and house was flooded a bit, we had no power for over 30 hours, school was cancelled and today the power was off again. We are very lucky all our trees are OK. The news said the 30% of our towns trees have been blown over. Today I am cleaning our house and washing all of our wet clothes, towels and blankets we used to keep the water from coming in our laundry room. I hope we do not have any rain for awhile!!!!

I wish the rain would go to places were it is needed and leave us alone.

I did not take any photos when the rain was the worst but you can see what it looked like in the beginning and at the end of the storm.

This is the start of the rain storm.
The houses in the back of us are higher and we get all their rain.
After 1 hour of rain
The tree in my neighbors front yard
This is where the power line was down a block away from our house.
It burned the grass and sidewalk. For hours we saw
flashes in the sky as the power line jumped around on the ground.
We also heard the sounds as the power lines all around us
as they were arcing.

Today I walked around the yard and it is still very wet and muddy. Our neighbors are starting to put their damage stuff out at the curb. We do not have a basement so we have no damage in our house but most of our neighbors do.

I hope where you live you are safe and do not have any damage!!

Debbi (email)
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CONNIE W said...

We saw on the TV news that there was much rain and flooding. So sorry that you've experienced this. I hope some good things are now on their way to your area.

Tracey Petersen said...

Goodness! the shots of the burnt ground are very sobering. Glad the you and yours are OK. Keep dry!

dot said...

My goodness! I am happy to hear you are alright. I saw all the flooding on the news.

Janet said...

The photos of the burned grass and the sidewalk are awesome....just shows the power (no pun intended) of electricity. I'm glad you're all ok and not much damage. Water is such a destructive force at times. I watch the news reports from your part of the country and just feel such sadness for all the people who are flooded out.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a trying ordeal for all of you. We sure could use rain here, it's feast or famine depending on what area of the country you live. Glad you're all OK!

Violette Severin said...

If there is anything good about owning a condo as I do, its not having to deal with cleaning up. My neighborhood escaped the damaging floods however.