Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WIP - Wednesday 09-19-2007

With the problems I have been having with my wireless internet I have been cutting and sewing blue jean blocks. It may be not be a bad thing not being on the computer all the time because I am getting quality time in the studio. I took this photo on my sons bed which is a double and ours queen so I have more blocks to make.

Because I have so many emails and posting to read I wanted to THANK everyone at once who left good wishes for the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah. Some of you were unsure what to say and Happy New Year is perfect.

Debbi (email)
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Quilt Pixie said...

its not always such a shame to have computer problems then.... Your blocks are looking great.

Tracey Petersen said...

The moment you lose your computer you realise how very desperately you NEEEEED it. But I'm not an addict, no, no, no.
Quilt is progressing nicely!

teodo said...

This quilt is very interesting.
I feel the same when I'm without my pc...I feel "lost" because I can't keep in touch with all my friends.
ciao, ciao

Clare said...

I love Blue Jeans quilts - I've made 2 and you have tempted to start another one.

Your dying exploits are great. More piccies please!