Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Have Been Busy

I have been busy being a NJROTC Mom, sun printing and sewing table runners.

This is my son JB after doing 73 push ups and 75 sit ups. This the PT Team with their trophies and ribbons. This was the first time the unit hosted a PT Meet and they did a great job. There were 7 NJROTC units and about 100 cadets. The Navy Seals were the leaders and they sure did have fun cheering on the cadets. The cadets swam, ran, did pull ups, push ups and sit ups. The Seals showed a film and talked about being a Seal. A few of the cadets had a hard time with the heat and humidity.

More sun printing. I am happy how the orange one turned out. The yellow one is a bit light but that will change when I quilt and embellish it.

This is the template I use to make table runners. My hubby made this for me over 15 years ago and I use it a lot. I surge all the seams when I make table runners, place mats and coasters.
I go over all the seams that have been surged with a tight straight stitch just for extra strength. I want to make sure all the seams are strong and do not rip open after washing and drying many times.

Almost finished. All that is left is the quilting.


Deb said...

Debbi, Congrats to you and your son. It is so wonderful to be proud of our children.

And I love your sun 'sun' prints they will both be beatiful.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

I use my serger for all my pillow cases which I a addicted to making, I also go back with my sewing machine and do s straight stitch seam at 1/2 inche on them... just a habit I got into! I do love the serged edge though, so nice and neat!