Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saturday and Sunday Wrap Up

Saturday: Hubby and I spent the day with Jacob and a few of the cadets from his NJROTC unit canning for donations to purchase phone cards. One of our cadets Dad's unit is being deployed just before Christmas and we are hope to raise enough money to purchase phone cards for everyone in his unit. I think we raised over $1800. I can not believe how many people donated. Many people as they walked up to the doors of Walmart before the cadets said one word already had money in their hands ready to place in the paint cans. The cadets were in their winter blues uniform and people must of known they are service personnel. The cadets are not in the Navy just part of officers training for High School aged young people. Some of the cadets will enlist after High School but most go on to College. Some will go to college with ROTC and have scholarships from all branches of the military. They wear real Navy uniforms issued by the Navy and follow Navy rules. People asked what they were collecting for and what was their uniform for. Some said G-D bless to the cadets wished them well. We will be canning again next weekend and I will helping. Jacob is on the left and Nick is on the right.

Sunday: Today I worked a bit on Fall Leaves. I made the branches larger and fused the tree and some leaves. Right now the size it 25 X 33 inches.

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meggie said...

Jacob looks so handsome!

Loving those fall leaves.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Hmmm hmmm... there's nothing like a man in uniform.