Friday, November 16, 2007

Fabric Arts Postcards Challenge

Today I was making inchies and working on postcards for the holidays.

I found a new postcard challenge link on Qult Pixie's blog. The challenge is to create a FAP each week. This coming week's theme is "music". If want to know more about the challenge please go to Saturday Postcard Madness blog.

This is the tree in the front of my house yesterday at 3:05pm. The leaves are starting to fall off.

This is the same tree today at 7:04am. The leaves are falling fast. Overnight we had and hard frost and the temps are dropping.

This is the same tree today at 3:05pm. Most all of the leaves have fallen off during the day.

The yard is bright yellow with leaves. My son and I raked all the leaves to the gutter in the street and the village will pick them up on tuesday.

Even the dogs water bowl is full of leaves.

Have A Great Weekend.

Debbi (email)
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tracey petersen said...

That is amazing. Fancy them all falling off in one great rush like that!

jenclair said...

Love the pictures! Nature has to be watched carefully, or you miss so much.

Quilt Pixie said...

I'm jealous -- haven't seen leaves on a tree for at least a month here! On the other hand its mid November and no snow on the ground when we usually have it before Halloween.... There are some up sides to this global warming :-)

teodo said...

Wonderful these pics on the tree.
and thanks for the postcards link.
ciao ciao