Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Shopping and New Things

Today I stopped at Joanns and got a few of my favorite magazines, Quilter's Home and Quilting Arts. Tonight I sat by the fireplace with Christmas music playing on the stereo and read both magazines from cover to cover. I also had a glass of Baileys (see below).Then to Michael's for an art set for my son JB. I have the same set and did not want to share so JB needed one of his own. The cost is $14.99 and I think this is a special for the Holiday season. The set comes in a wooden box and is so cool.

The last stop was Hancock Fabrics. I have been making round YO YOs for many years and wanted to try new shapes. Clover has templates for round, hearts and flowers. I made a heart tonight. The sewing is very easy all you have to do is follow the holes in the template. You place a piece of fabric between two templates, cut around the template then sew.

What I really like is you can use your scrap fabric. The fabric just has to be a bit larger then the template. After you place the fabric between the two templates you cut the fabric to the shape of the template using a 1/4 inch seam.

Hubby went to the grocery store and got me two gifts. I collect all things Coca Cola and every year I get a six pack of coke bottles for Christmas and I also save a can. This years six pack is bottles the bottles from 1899.
This is my second gift. I am not a big drinker but in the cold winter I love glass of Baileys and also add some to a cup of coffee.This is a plate of cookies from my neighbor "T". Her daughter "C" comes to the side door with goodies all the time. My sons always say why can't you bake like "T". I give them dirty looks and walk away. The real reason is hate to bake.
Hope your day was filled with fun and love!

Debbi (email)
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CONNIE W said...

Hi Debbi, looks like you had a great day out shopping. Connie W

Joanna van said...

I hope you'll post a picture of your finished pieces with your new templates. Looks really interesting...the hearts seem like they would be difficult.

Quilt Pixie said...

Had to smile at the idea of adding coffee to your bailey's -- makes me think of lots of cocktails from my younger days we'd sort of wave the fruit juice at and figured we'd "added" :-)

Sweet P said...

You had a wonderful shopping day. The art set looks great.

Morah said...

The problem with baking......then we eat it!!! LOL!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Oh, yeah! I love Bailey's in coffee this time of year.

Laurie Ann said...

I hate to bake too!

Zoey said...

I used to do the same thing with Baileys! Each year I would get one bottle and I drink it between Christmas Eve and New Year's in my coffee. It's a great winter/holiday drink! The past two years I have been making my slush, so I have not bought any Baileys.

Your heart yo-yo's look great. What will you do with them?

Beth said...

I think you and I were separated at birth. My son's an artist, (actually, they both are.) We make chocolate chip cookies two times a week. My husband loves Bailey's and I get my mags from Joann's..after the coupon, of course!