Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What I Did On My Hiatus - Thursday Jan 3rd

Today we are going home. We arrived at the airport early in the morning only to find out the flight will be late. By this time I had been up for 26 hours and all I wanted was to sleep. My lungs are filling up and I am having chest pain all the time. I did confide in Medic Mark two days early that the chest pain was happening a lot and getting worst. Mark had Medic Tom check my blood pressure and it was high. They both wanted me to go to the hospital and I refused. I did not want to be sick and miss out on anything. I also did not want to stay in the hospital when everyone went home. All I wanted was to sleep and the only way I was going to get any good sleep was to be home in my own bed.

The flight was two hours late. When you fly military this is not uncommon. Once we were in the air I snuggled into my seat and went to sleep. The landing was outstanding with all the snow and ice on the runway. When I got outside the cold air hit me like a mac truck. I had the worst chest pain and felt like passing out. When we got home I went to bed and that is where I was for the next three days. My bed felt so good and being snuggled up with my dogs was wonderful. By this time I had been sick for two weeks, lost ten pounds and felt very weak. I hate being sick and need to get out of bed and live again. My goal for Monday was to take a shower, get dressed and begin reading blogs and emails.

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