Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Snow and Doctors Appointment

Yesterday it started to snow about 4PM and did not end until today about 11AM. We have an additional 4 - 6 inches on top of the 6 inches already on the ground. Last night we lost power for about an hour. I heard the transformer explode down the street and knew what was about to happen. I was so happy the temperature outside was about 30 degrees and the wind was not so bad. The house cooled off but I was snug in bed, under a few quilts and the dogs were close by to keep me warm.

Today I went to the cardiologist for my follow-up appointment. I have been having chest pains and pain in my left neck for the past 5 days. The pain only last for a few minutes and is not very strong. It is nothing like the chest pain I was having before and when I had the 5 heart attacks.

The doctors said it is because of the second blockage I have on the right side of my heart. This blockage is worst then the 98% blockage on the left side because it is much longer in length and in size. It is also harder for the doctor to get access to implant the stent. I will be having the second angioplasty and stenting procedure as early as this Friday or next week. I need to have the OK of my oncologist. For my medical quilting friends and Mark here is the EKG from today. I am not sure what I am looking at but I have been told it shows I have had heart attacks and left bundle branch blockage. Also are two normal EKG that I found on the web. You sure can see where mine is bad.

Not sure why this thing of ours is so good but once again you surprise me and leaving me searching for the right words to say how much I care.

Hope Everyone Had A Great Day and Evening!

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Quilting Journey said...

Debbi, there is not one single time that I visit your blog that I am not totally overwhelmed at what an amazing human being you are. You have survived things that would kill others..if not their body then at least their spirit...yet you go on and on and are such a deep inspiration to us. It is no wonder that your family and friends care so deeply for you. Take care and hang in there. You have so much more good to be and do in this world!!!

debijeanm said...

Sending good thoughts your way, Debbi.

Beth said...

I continue to pray for you everyday...and I know God will answer my prayers. You are a wonderful lady, Debbi! Thanks for letting us know how to pray.