Friday, April 04, 2008

TGIF - But Where Did The Week Go?

How did it got to be Friday already? This week passed by so fast and I have very little to show for it. I have had doctors appointments and testing at the hospital almost everyday this week, walked only two days and rode my bicycle only once. I opened my book once and read 10 pages. I have been reading this book for 3 months and I am on page 139 of 441. I can read a book with this many pages in a day or two but right now I can not focus for very long. I did finish 3 other books in the same 3 months. I also have spent 10 days in the hospital been under the weather for most of the 3 months so I guess I am really doing OK with my reading. Now if I can only get my mind to focus long enough to work on a quilt or the 8 Passover Postcards I have half finished I would be really happy.

I keep getting bad news calls from the doctors about the blood tests reports coming back with critically low counts and how I should be in the hospital. I do not go out in the public where there are crowds of people, I stay away from sick people, I wash my hands all the time and I am taking good care of my self. I am not sick, I do not have an infection and I am not running a temperature so why should I be in the hospital that is filled with sick people. I would have to be in an isolation room, wear a mask when I was out of the room, others coming in the room would have to wear a mask, gloves and a gown. I would go crazy in a matter of hours and they would have to find padded room for me because I would crack up. Hospitals are for sick people and right now I am not sick so I am not going. That is my story and I am sticking to it. I am lucky the doctor said OK for today but it can change with tomorrow morning's blood test. I have to be back at the hospital at 6:30am for another blood test. What a great way to start the weekend off.

Next week is another week with doctors appointments. I am hoping I can plan the next three surgery's I need to have. Then I will have to be in the hospital because I will be "sick". OK enough venting, it is time to move on to the good part of living. The weather in Chicagoland tomorrow is going to the in the 60's and I want to get outside and feel the wind in my face. I want to walk around the yard and look at the damage to the grass from the dogs, see what spring flowers are growing, and see what flowers are popping out of the ground for summer. My tulips are growing very slowly this year, they are only 6 inches high. This is the first time in along time I can remember we are having "spring".

Thank-you to everyone who is stopping by my blog to read what I have to say and for leaving your comments. It really helps me get through the days. You are the best friends a girl could have!!!!

I feel like a crappy friend because I am not able to read your blogs and leave comments daily. I know this will pass and soon I will be back to a "blogging normal" life.

I hope you have a GREAT weekend and happy crafting!

La Cosa Nostra and Sweet Dreams!

Debbi (email)
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Morah said...

OMGoodness, you are not a crappy friend. You comment on my blog waaay more than I do on yours and I'm not ill! NO negative thoughts. Only good things going in and coming out. This way you can concentrate on wellness and healing. We'll be here. You just read for now. Don't even think twice about comments!!!!!

tiami said...

thinking of you


tina / sweden

debijeanm said...

Good heavens, girl! Do not worry about reading or responding on our blogs now. All we care about is that you take care of you.

Be strong. Be happy.

Kay said...

Focus on those tulips, Debbi. Soon they'll be blooming, and you will too.

Sara said...

Crappy friend, my ass! You are a great friend. We've known each other a long while now...

You need to worry about taking care of've always been here for us - so let us be here for you now...

I can't read Cornwell - she writes in first person - and I can't get into books like that.

Karen said...

Forget about everything except getting healthy!!!!! Life is so good and it will be warm really soon. It sucks that your going through all this right now, so here I am sending loads and loads of abundant good health wishes your way! Hugs!