Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day One - Family Time

I had an outstanding time with my family today. I took a lot of photos these are just a few of them.

Family reflection on the Bean.

My Nephew with his daughter.

Me, My Twin Brother and our Sister

Family resting in The Chicago Cultural Center in the cool air conditioning. It was good!
Tomorrow I will show some of the tile work from the Cultural Center, it would make great quilt designs.

Hope everyone had a great day!

Debbi (email)
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Kay said...

Great pictures, Debbi, and it's wonderful to see you having fun.

I agree the Chicago Cultural Center is full of ideas. What a wonderful place.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right great photos! I am looking forward to see you and have picked a fun place for dinner. Enjoy your ride to Great Lakes and your sons graduation. You are a proud Mom!

I hope you are feeling better today, I know yesterday was a scare for you.


meggie said...

Nice happy post. Lovely to see you looking so well.