Sunday, September 07, 2008

Summer and Putting My Cards In Order

As the summer comes to an end the nights are getting colder, I need to wear a sweatshirt at night to keep warm and the pool is being emptied I find myself very sad. When I was reflecting on what I did this summer I realized all the plans I had back in the winter never occurred. I did not ride my bike, I did not take walks, I did not go camping, I only sat by the fire in my back yard twice, I only swam in my pool a few time, I did not dye any fabric and I did very little in my quilting studio. This summer sure was not what I had planned.

What I did do this summer is shown in the photos below.

I went to quilt shows with friends.
I rode with Mark on his motorcycle.
I floated in my pool and listening to my iPod.
I spent time at Cathy's with friends and enjoyed a campfire.
My summer was not what I had planned for during last winter but was filled with many changes and exciting times. I learned how much I love riding with Mark on his motorcycle. I truly can not explain the freedom I feel when I am on the bike with him. I feel safe and trust Mark with my life, but know no matter how safe we are I still understand the dangers of riding a motorcycle.
In July just after the 4th Cathy asked me if I wanted to join her on a road trip for a week. She called me at 7:00 am and asked what I was doing and if I wanted to go on a road trip with her for work. I gave it a whole two second of thought and said yes. I told my family I was leaving for a week and did not give them a chance to say don't go or change my mind. This was the first time I had been away from home since having my heart attacks and surgery. It was just what I needed and I have been forever changed. I have a new friend in Cathy and Cathy's family has also become very close with me and my family.
Both Mark and Cathy have come into my life when I needed true friends. They have been with me everyday and are helping me through my health issues. I love you both and I am thankful to have you both in my life.
This afternoon I needed to put my cards in order before surgery tomorrow. I packing for the hospital, cleaned the quilting studio (dinning room), gathered important papers, talked to my brother, and sister. Tonight I talked with my sons and after finishing this posting I am going to watch the Bears game and hopefully I will get some sleep with the help of a sleeping pill. I need to be at the hospital at 8am and surgery will be about 9:30. Until the Doctors gets inside of my heart I will not know what will take place. She may find the stent on the left side of my heart (from January) has collapsed, there may be additional blockages, or the damaged to my heart can not be fixed. If the stent has collapsed I will need bypass surgery. If additional blockages are found they maybe able to fix it with stents and if not bypass surgery will be done. I still have additional blockages on the right side, back of my heart and have a valve that is leaking blood back into my heart. These may also be fixed at this time. It is the not knowing that is driving me crazy. Oh well I only have to wait for 14 more hours for the party to begin.
To the love of my life LCN, family and friends I can not do it without you!!!!
Until I can post again I wish you all the best and happy crafting! Thank-you for being my blogging family!

Debbi (email)
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Sara said...

Hope all goes well tomorrow - you'll be in my thoughts.

Tanya Brown said...

There's nothing like uncertainty, is there?

I will be sending warm healing thoughts your way. Be well soon.

Anonymous said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers as well. I will be waiting for you to post about the findings and treatment when you're back to blogging. ((((HUGS))))

Morah said...

Hope you reaad this before you head off to the hospital. Think happy thoughts! When I used to be scared and worried, my dad would tell me to think happy thoughts. When my daughter was scared, I created a happy place for her to go. It had a pond, a merry go round and all the things a child needs. Create your own happy place and it will help you relax and feel more calm. I will be praying for you and wishing you all the best. We'll be here when you feel well enough to blog again!

meggie said...

I hope your surgery goes really well for you. You are very courageous.
Sending healing thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Debbi,

You will be just fine! I know your heart is good to go for many years to come. Stay strong, feel good feelings and remember you are loved by your family, friends and by myself. Do not stay long when you visit your Mom, she it not ready for you. I want very much to spend time with you here, we have much to do ourselves! Yes I will fight M for you to the very end.

You are in my dreams and prayers every day.

Love, Bud

Anonymous said...

The things you love are what will hold you up.

Your quilting and artistry holds up the creative side of you.

Your pool holds up your float, and your ipod should it go overboard.

Your sons hold up your heart. Like you, with your mom, they may not realize it just yet.

Your Mom has held you up through some of the darkest times, even if only in spirit.

You bike holds up your butt, cute as it is.

So today, you get to float with the help of some modern chemistry. Steff...will hold you up physically. Your family and friends will keep the vigil just to have the pleasure of telling you, "told you so."

Your Mom will be there too. It's OK to say hello. It's not OK to move in!

Picture a particular shirt as a vast pool of salt water. You know salt water can support more weight than fresh water. You will float on that pool today, enjoy the ride. Feel that "certain" shirt envelope you and keep you safe. Look forward to being able to breath and do away with those dreaded chest pains.

The quilt is hung up on the wall again. Your postcard on the television. C said a prayer for you. Friends will be dressed in the uniform of the day. Time to get it on, and get you on the road to health and happiness.

Kick ass, take names, embarass the docs, entertain the nurses. You go girl.


sammy_bunny said...

Good luck tomorrow! Hope to hear from you soon.

Shasta said...

Healing thoughts are coming your way from the High Road as well!

Sue said...

I hope things went well, Debbi, & am sending prayers your way!

Beth said...

LCN, whoever that is, said it so much better than I. Take care and know you've been in my thoughts.

Karen said...

Sending you warm thoughts for good news and good health.

swooze said...

Hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you.

debijeanm said...

I stop by every day to send you good thoughts. Hoping your recovery is going well.