Sunday, February 08, 2009

Weekend Recap

Friday and Saturday I went to the 28Th Annual Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in Rosemont, Illinois. Mark did take a few photos of me sitting on a Honda Rebel but he is on his way to Minnesota so I can't post photos. When he gets home I will make sure I download the photos. The list Mom from an online group I belong to gave me the nickname of Quilting Biker Chick. I am a Quilter but not sure if I am ready to be a Biker Chick. I do wear leather when we ride and for Christmas Mark gave me a really cool leather vest. I decided I liked the vest so much that I want to be able to wear it with jeans when I go out. I purchased another vest at the show that I am going to sew my patches on.

Mark and I did rode the bike Friday and Saturday to the show. It was great being on the bike and I do miss riding with Mark. The weather here in Chicagoland was in the 40's during the day and in the low 20's to 30's when the sun went down. I was warm, comfortable and can't understand why people do not ride in the winter. We attended a yearly meeting with our motorcycle club in the morning and only one other person rode their bike. Pat you are a Rebel just like Mark and me. I was shocked by the number of people in our club who were shocked that Mark and I rode that day and the day before. If Mark could ride every day and all day he would. Someday he will live in a state were the winters are mild and he will ride every day and not have to worry about snow, salt and wind.

This afternoon I took Princes C to the library, then I went to CVS and stopped at Jewel for food. Tonight I am going to watching TV, read blogs and check my online quilting groups. Right now I am sitting in the King's Chair typing this post, Princes C is reading a book and you could hear a pin drop in the house. I wonder how long this will last.

Enjoy your silence if you are as lucky as I am.

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