Monday, February 02, 2009

You Got Mail - Surprise!!!

Mail from January 22 The Marine Son Has Been Accepted to College.
This is one of his five choices of schools.

This Came In The Mail Today.
My thinking is this is a form to be filled to apply for a scholarship.

Inside the white envelope was a thick folded piece of paper.
I was driving so I did not know what the Marine Son was opening.This was on the inside flap.
I still did not know what the Marine Son was opening.

This was inside the thick paper.
OMG! I could not believe what the Marine Son was reading.
I almost drove into a parked car when I realized what he was reading.
He did not apply for a scholarship from the college but did apply for an
Army ROTC scholarship. He is still waiting to hear about that.
The college wants to give him money for tuition for all four years.

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swooze said...

Wow congrats to Jacob!

Beth said...

That is so awesome!!!!!