Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Catching Up

Hi Everyone,

I have not posted in such a long time. It seams like weeks have passed. I don't know where the time went. I have not done any quilting, sewing, fabric dyeing or crafting. Now that I think about it what have I done? I need to give this some thought.

BB is back at school, going to rehab and just fighting the pain. After the next surgery he will continue to have rehab at school and if he comes home for the summer he will continue here. He wants to be ready for the gymnastics season start in November, later this year so he plans to work upper strength as soon as possible. Yesterday was his 20th birthday.

JB will be 15 in a couple of weeks and I am going to sign him up for drivers ed soon. It will be nice when he can drive himself. His gymnastics season has started officially. He has been working out for months now and is going to be a great gymnast like his brother. He will be promoted to another rank in NJROTC sometime this month. Once again when I think about time and how old they are, all I can say is where has the time gone?

Hubby is still home, he had a interview yesterday for a contract position, which will be ok for now. He will still be looking for a permanent position. I am surprised how much we are getting along. Having him home hasn't been so bad. It helps I have my own computer in my sewing room (the dining room) and he is using the "family" one in the den. I use the computer a lot. I am very selfish about anyone else using it and hubby needs his time for job searching and just playing.

I hope you all are not having quilters block like me. I may step back from quilting and read a book or two the next few days to free my mind. I love mystery books and can read a 300 page book in a day.

I also need to take a look at my fabric stash and start planning for spring and summer. I did give up on all the 2 1/2 squares I cut for now. I just couldn't get motivated to use them.

Take care and Happy Quilting,



Leah S said...

Ohh, a little quilter's block here, but I think I got over it by forcing myself to sew. Sounds horrible, huh? ;)

And the computer thing? I can completely relate! For the first year we were married, my husband and I shared his computer. Occationally I had to "reserve" it, but we were managing fine. Then we finally got my computer out and set up. Now I cannot humanly imagine how we managed to get by on one computer! Now if only I could get my computer communicating with the printer, and I'll be all set! :)

Sara said...

Good to see you out and about in blogland...I too have been having a quilter's block. Must be the weather! But, yesterday I finished my 2-1/2" squares block - it has 64 of those little babies in it and it turned out awesome. I'll try and post a photo on my site in the next day or so.

Leah S said...

Haven't heard from ya in 2 weeks... everything ok over there?