Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Healing and Rehab Begins

Yesterday BB went back to school to see the Drs and trainers. The training room was full of college athletes who are bruised and or broken. Seeing these athletes reminds me how much they must love the sport. Why else would they do it, they don't get money. The university where BB goes is part of a medical school and he gets very good medical care. I saw his knee for the first time and I can not belive how fast he heals. The trainer removed the stitches yesterday only 3 days after surgery. BB is returning to school this afternoon. He will be going to the trainer to start his rehab. The rehab will help strengthen his knee for the second surgery in six weeks.

I have so many emails, blogs, fellow quilter and dyers to catch up with it may take the rest of the day. The house should be back to "normal" tomorrow and I can get back to quilting. I hear my 2 1/2 squares calling me.

Have a great day!



Shirley Goodwin said...

Ah, the wonderful healing powers of youth! I hope your boy continues to make good progress.

Shirley In New Zealand

Leah S said...

Yay for quilting! Amazing how when nice things are unaccessable or taken away from us... we want it more than ever. :)