Monday, May 01, 2006

Doggie Blocks For Humane Society Quilt

I finished my 4 doggies blocks.

The blocks on the top row are in memory of Taffy and Belle our dogs who have passed away. The bottom row is in honor of Summer and Crystal who are living with us now. Summer and Crystal are just over two years old and are both shelter dogs. Belle was a shelter dog also who was hit by a car and injured her back and legs. Taffy's mom was with a family who loved her very much, but she liked to jump the fence and run around the neighborhood. She met another dog and they had a family and we got Taffy.

These blocks will be added to other doggie blocks created by members of PCPiecers Yahoo Group. The completed quilt will be donated to a Humane Society for a fundraiser.

I will be making 4 blocks to keep myself to make a wall hanging.

Happy crafting!


1 comment:

Sara said...

Those blocks are so cute! Sounds like a good thing to donate to Humane Society. All our babies have been rescues so we dearly appreciate Humane Societies.