Saturday, September 23, 2006

Another Rain Day

Today was a very busy day. I was at JoAnns by 9am. I got beige and brown fabric for Judy's one hour quilting a day Leaf Seasons. Since it is a scrappy quilt I will be using my hand dyes and store bought fall fabrics that I all ready have in my stash. I did find a purple focus fabric for moms purple quilt.

Our older son needed books for his Holocaust History class. Most of the books on the professor's list were out of date or had to ordered. After 5 hours and 3 book stores later we found one on the shelf and ordered 3 others.

By 3 pm the rain started and it rained hard again. My back yard is flooded. Only 1 of the 3 dogs will go out. When they do go out they come back wet and muddy.

Blogger will not let me download photos so here is a link to my webshots.

Follow-up to past comments:

SeamRippstress and Joyce: The tornado sirens screamed off and on for hours and they are very scary. We are very lucky we did not loose power and we have no damage. Yes I am going to use what purples I have dyed and painted. I agree my purples never turn out very good.

I wish everyone a good Sunday,



joyce said...

Is it still raining out your way? We had a nice sunny day yesterday but it is looking like rain again. It was dry as dust all summer and now that the leaves have turned and we want to go for walks to enjoy them, it is raining every other day. Go figure.

Suze said...

We had clouds but no rain to speak of........

The tornado sirens must be disturbing...... Glad you are safe so far.....

Glad you found the fabric for the Hour a Day quilt. I am counting the days till October so that we can start that one...........

Clare said...

Just found your blog via your comment left on mine.

Thanks for taking the time to find me and thanks also for your offer of help for Quilts for Leukaemia.

Keep dry, stay warm and take care.


Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Which of the dogs would go out? Bet it was Max. My beagle Simon doesn't like to get his feet wet either.