Friday, September 22, 2006

The Storms are Here - Part Two

That was a bad storm. The street is flooded, lighting, thunder, and hail. I have downloaded more photos to my webshots.

Today I went to JoAnns and left without buying anything. I just could not find any purple fabric that I liked. I was also looking for background fabric. I need backgrounds for the one hour a day quilt and "moms" purple quilt. I will go to a couple of quilt shops in the area this weekend.


joyce said...

I think we here in Manitoba were just on the edge of that storm. It rained hard all day Friday but thankfully no tornadoes or hail. I hope you had nothing damaged. Good luck on finding the right purple.

SeamRippstress said...

I'll bet hearing a tornado siren in a storm is terrifying! We get them in Houston but with radio/tv warnings. I was going to suggest dyeing the purple but I've yet to get a good home-dyed purple.