Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cleaning Moms House

Today I met my sister at our moms house. We packed her clothes and shoes. Mom was the Queen of clothes and shoes. I must of packed over 100 pairs of shoes. We are going to give everything to the cancer federation. We finished the kitchen and started the bathrooms. I did find moms sewing basket. Inside was a tomato pin cushion. I will take a photo and post on Friday. The pin cushion must be over 40 years old and still in great shape. Mom also had a plastic container with spools of thread. Most all the spools are wooden so they must be very old.

Thank-you to everyone who left comments on moms purple block. The unfinished size it 12 1/2. Yes it is paper pieced. The pattern is from Carol Doaks Yahoo Group 900th member block.

I still do not know what is wrong with my computer. I pulled out the second hard drive and tested it in another computer and it works. When I replace it in my computer it crashed again. I pulled it out and now I my computer works just fine. I give up and will work with just one hard drive for now. I need to sew and not play computer tech.

I want to finish more purple blocks tonight.

Take Care!

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