Friday, September 29, 2006

Mom's Pincushion and My Recycled Jean Pincushion

This is mom's tomato pincushion. I found it yesterday when my sister and I were cleaning out mom's closet. The cushion must be over 30 years old. I also found mom's sewing basket. Most of the spools of thread are wooden, so they must be old. I am going to collect all the wooden spools and put them in a jar.

This is the pincushion I made for the pincushion "Recycle" Challenge. I collect blue jeans from family and friends to make quilts. I stuffed the inside with poly-pellets.

I have 2 completed "Moms Purple Blocks. I had to go back to my LGS today and purchase more background fabric. When I purchased it I only got 1 yard because I was only planning on making 1 block not 5. So much for planning ahead.


Hedgehog said...

Love that pocket pin cushion!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Yes the denim one is a great idea. Very cool