Thursday, September 14, 2006

Follow-up to Yesterdays Post

Shirley asked in yesterdays post what I was planning to do with my painted fabric. Truth be told I am in a creative slump and still numb from my moms passing away. I have washed, ironed, folded and stored the fabric. I have a very large stash of my hand dyed and painted fabrics stored in wire baskets. Every once in awhile I take a basket out and "play" with my fabric. I love the smell, feel and just looking at fabric.

Please visit Shirley's Blog, Dyeing2Design and Tillia Dyes & Fabrics websites.

In this photo are 7 of my hand dyed fabrics and the black background is store bought. I will be using these fabrics for my Carol Doak Yahoo Group 1000 Member Celebration Block Challenge. I will be making 5 blocks, 1 to send to the group and 4 for myself. I will make a small wallhanging.

Have a Great Day,



Shirley Goodwin said...

Why, thank you for mentioning me on your blog! I have a bunch of dyeing stuf on there at present.

I understand the creative slump only too well! Go with the flow - when a creative mood hits you, make something. Until then, just do what your mood tells you.

Patty said...

great fabric ! I have never tried dying my own fabric, well not since my tie dying days that is and that was a long time ago for me. But did make a tie dye quilt this year, purchased fabric

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