Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Trick Or Treat

Give Me Something

Good To Eat

Blogger is a trick but it's no treat. I got up today at 6AM and tried to post some photos and no luck. It is now 9AM and still no luck I GIVE UP. I can't even use the preview button.

Last night I went thru my mom's tubs and bags of knitting and needlepoint stuff. I decide I am going to try and knit. It has been years and I was not very good. I am not a hand quilter so I give knitting a try.

The next 6 months is NJROTC Drill Team Meets and Gymnastics Season for both of my sons and that means alot of waiting around doing nothing. I do take photos and DVD record my sons and their teams during the meets but I still have idle time. We get to the meets at least 1 hour before to see practice so I have alot time to do something with my hands. If knitting does not work I can needlepoint I am good at that.

Have A Great Day!



Laurie Ann said...

I tried knitting. Fogetaaaboutit! I was terrible and just couldn't figure out how to take out stiches when I needed to. Crocheting is great because you just go riiiiiiip and then start up again. But I think you can do cooler things with knitting. Good luck!

Angie said...

Happy Halloween, Debbi! I never learned to knit. I can do the basics of crochet...that why I've fallen in love with crocheting rag rugs.

meggie said...

Best of luck with your knitting!
It really is a soothing thing to do, once you have it mastered.

debraspincic@yahoo.com said...

I can crochet! If you need something to knit, the Afghans for Afghans movement is looking for wool sweaters or vests for kids.

I am just learning to needlepoint but put it aside recently to do some crocheting. How about some crazy quilt embroidery?