Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quilting and Knitting Progress

Yesterday I started Judy's November Quilt For An Hour. I did not make much progress bacause I could not decide what fabric I want to use for the borders and main colors. I have all scrappy squares cut and ready.

I quilted 1 of the 4 Leaf Season Wall Hangings and machined sewed on the binding. Today I am working on hand sewing the binding. I also need to add the sleeve and label.

Last night I started knitting. I just casted on 50 stitches and started knitting and purling as practice.

Sorry no pictures again today....Thank-you Blogger!

I hope to catch up reading everyone blogs. I am far behind.

Have A Great Day!



meggie said...

I just cant get any pics up today either!
It seems to be a general thing, from reading other blogs.
Good luck with your knitting!

Linda_J said...

Maybe you can worry about the border fabric once you get the blocks done--fabric shops make more if you don't have something on hand, LOL. Sounds like an excuse to do shopping, you say?

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Blogger is a pain isn't it? I'm trying out a new blog from my ISP. If it is any good I'll swap. I suppose we get what we pay for.