Thursday, October 05, 2006

Leaves are Everywhere

Here is day 3 Hour 3 .

This block layout is great, but not the colors together. I was not thinking about it when I pinned the 4 blocks to the wall to take the photo. I like the layout so much I am going to make smaller blocks and make a wall hanging for my neighbor.

I have very little brown in my stash and this weekend I may have to dye so brown fabric.

I have been reading other blogs and everyone is doing a great job on their blocks. The colors are great.

Today I will be making more block "A" or as I call it the sidewalk block. I know in the next few weeks I will be raking leaves every weekend. I have a tree that turns bright orange. Another tree does not loss its leaves until December.

A big THANK-YOU to everyone who has left comments the past few days on my blog.

Happy Quilting Everyone!


Cynthia said...

thanks for letting me know you are making the Hour a Day quilt.
Your blocks look great and i like the background fabric you are using.
Will be back to see your progress.

joyce said...

The blue fabric is beautiful. Is it hand dyed or batik? The leaves look perfect. I am thinking of using the pattern for a table cloth.

Hedgehog said...

I love those fabrics you're using.