Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I have finished 1 row. Today I will be working on row 2. I have to confess I sew for more then 1 hour a day.

When I sew I have to take care of 3 dogs who want to go in and outside at different times. I think they talk about making mom crazy. I play on the computer, clean the house (not very often), eat, watch TV and listen to the radio.

Do you sit down and sew for 1 hour straight?

Have A Great Day!


sue b said...

Sit and do the same thing for an hour? no way! With four dogs I have the same issue that they never want to go out all at the same time. And then there's email to check, laundry to fold, dinner to cook, etc etc etc!

Angie said...

Ditto, here, too, LOLLLL, with my 2 wienie's a conspiracy...we go one at a time!!! ROFL
You have GORGEOUS fabrics in that Oct. 2 photo....yum!

Shelina said...

Sometimes I do get engrossed in what I am doing and an hour can pass before I notice how much time has passed. But generally no, I need to get up constantly to stretch, use the bathroom, get something to eat, check another blog, think about what cleaning task I am going to avoid next.

Laurie Ann said...

I like the colors you are using for those leaves!!

I can usually find good stretches to work. Once I know my two pups have done their "business" and had their ball time, they are inside until my next break. But they are used to the schedule!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I have a dog door - they go out whenever they like! But I am easily distracted - I roll my chair from sewing machine to computer mostly.