Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Leaves are Still Very Green Outside but Not Inside

8 more finished leaves. I think I have completed 24.

I need to work on block "A" and start sewing the rows together. I am not sure how much sewing I will get done this weekend.

Thank-you all for comments from yesterdays post. Max was my Moms dog who came to live with us when she got sick in June. Mom passed away on July 11th. Mom was very happy to know Max was going to live with us. We already had 2 dogs so 1 more was no big deal. Mom adopted max when he was a puppy from a shelter. He must of been abused by a male because he hates men. He now lives in a house with 3 men and is doing great. Our 2 dogs love him too and they get along great. I am not sure what kind of dog he is. Mom never knew either. Max has adjusted to living with us well. I did take him to see mom when she was in the hospital but it was very sad for mom. After Mom passed away I took her car to my house. When I first let Max out he ran to the gate and saw Moms car and he was so happy thinking it must be her. I just cryed. I am not sure what he remembers. Moms cat passed away days after she passed away. I am sure animals know more then we humans think. Max is a great comfort to me because I was so close to my mom and miss her very much.

Have A Great Weekend!



Leah S said...

I love how your leaves are turning out - soft and gentle and my mind can picture them swirling and dancing. :)

Dawn said...

Your leaves look great! And I browsed through a bunch of posts and love that picture of Max on your sewing machine! What a cutie! You can't be too far from where I live. I"m north of Chicago also!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Max looks like a terrier of some sort. He looks like a happy little fellow.