Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Leaves and "A" Blocks and Photoshop Elements

I am having computer problems. Over the weekend I downloaded the new version of Internet Explorer 7. My computer keeps having errors and rebooting. I lose everything I have open. What a pain the the ....... I may have to reinstall Explorer 6, I will give it 1 more day.

On Sunday I decided to play with Photoshop Elements. I use the software for croping and print photos. This is my first attempt playing with filters.

This photo is a closeup of a Tulip middle and the second is what I did with the Liquify Filter. If anyone has a PSE tips please send them my way.

I am going back to sewing so have a Great Day!



Deb H said...

That looks cool!

debraspincic@yahoo.com said...

My guess is you can get as carried away learning PhotoShop as any of the other new sewing programs--but the results can be so Cool. I don't know anything about PhotoShop but would love to know it all!